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Are you seeing black streaks on your shingles, especially where the rain runs down? Is there mold and mildew growing up there? These microorganisms are not just displeasing to look at, but they are destroying the granules on the shingles and shortening the life of the roof. Our soft washing method effectively kills all organic growth, extends the life of the roof and leaves it looking beautiful. All for an affordable price.

Benefits Of Our Southeastern Michigan Roof Cleaning Services

Moss and Lichen love the limestone granules on your roof shingles. Organic growth and debris lingering on your roof will break down shingles over time, leaving them brittle and susceptible to leaks, water damage and mold. Replacing your roof can be very expensive, but for a fraction of the price you can restore the appearance of your roof and protect it from costly damage. Professional Cleaners Exteriors uses a process known as soft washing – utilizing lower water pressure and a proprietary roof cleaning solution to preserve the delicate granules on your shingles and eliminate destructive microorganisms and debris. Our roof cleaning will restore and revive the appearance of your roof, preserve your shingles and can extend the life of your roof up to 5-10 years.

Is your roof preventing your home from looking its best? If there are streaks, patches of moss or other organic growth and debris can be a real eye sore and ruin the aesthetic of your home. A roof doesn’t necessarily need a costly replacement to improve its appearance. A professional roof cleaning can completely restore the look of your roof, instantly refreshing your home and enhancing your curb appeal! When you hire Professional Cleaners Exteriors, your roof is treated with a proprietary roof cleaner that will safely and efficiently remove unsightly streaks and destructive organic growth and debris. Our expert techniques provide an extended clean, can extend the life of your roof up to 5-10 years, and will leave you with a roof that looks new – for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

A well-maintained roof can last up to 25 years. But replacing or repairing a roof can be extremely expensive. Treating your roof and keeping it free from organic growth can extend the life of your roof up to 5-10 years, saving you on the cost of replacement. Did you also know that having a roof covered in moss, black streaks and stains makes the roof darker? This means during the summer it is attracting significantly more UV light – bringing extra heat into your attic and prematurely aging your roof. Removing the microorganisms and black stains can actually reduce the cost of your AC bill. Additionally, the acid and excess water from moss and organic growth breaks down your shingles, leaving your home susceptible to cracking shingles, roof leaks and costly water damage. Preventative maintenance is far more cost effective than repairing unexpected damage. Having your roof professionally cleaned can prevent shingle deterioration, extend the life of your roof, and can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Let Professional Cleaners Exteriors clean and preserve your roof:

A roof can last for up to 25 years with proper care and maintenance. Part of roof maintenance entails cleaning gutters, trimming trees and removing debris and organic growth. Roofs are especially susceptible to damage from microorganisms like moss, algae, and lichen thanks to moisture and organic debris. If not removed, it can cause damage to shingles and compromise the roof, leading to possible leaks, interior water damage or mold and mildew growth. Professional Cleaners Exteriors uses a soft wash method, which unlike high-pressure washing, is gentle on shingles and will not damage the granules during washing. Our safe and effective cleaning solution will thoroughly remove organic growth and debris – effectively eliminating destructive microorganisms, while preserving and extending the life of the roof. Roof cleaning is truly a great value as it offers the most benefits to homeowners – enhancing curb appeal, adding value to your home, preventing damage from organic growth, extending the life of your roof and saving you money in the long run! All for an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked
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Yes, too much pressure is. However, our soft washing method relies on the roof cleaning solution to clean and eliminate organic growth as soon as it is applied. This way there is no risk of damage from high pressure. Leaving your roof clean and looking great.

We guarantee no new growth for 1 year! Our roof cleaning agent will remove all that organic growth on your roof and protect it from growing back for 1 year. So, you won’t have to worry about those black streaks coming back after a couple rainy days.

In most cases no. However, there are some houses where it is necessary for us to get on the roof. Rest assured all of our technicians are fully trained to take all proper safety measures when getting on a roof. And we at Professional Cleaners Exteriors are fully ensured in case anything were to happen to your roof when we are on it you are taken care of.

Why Professional Cleaners Exteriors is the right exterior cleaning company for you and your home?

We understand finding a reputable, skilled, and knowledgeable company that excels in results as well as customer service can be a challenging task. You can feel confident in your decision when you choose Professional Cleaners Exteriors. We operate a professional, commercial grade equipment setup and utilize expert industry procedures in combination with safe and effective specially designed cleaning solutions. Our technicians are skilled in proper execution and technique, and we pride ourselves in delivering superior cleaning services with the highest quality results. Our services provide great value and benefit to the customer, but we believe the results speak for themselves. We proudly stand by our work and confidently offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can be rest assured Professional Cleaners Exteriors is fully insured and follows all industry standards to protect your home. The safety and cleanliness of your home is our top priority.

Why Professional Cleaners Exteriors is the right exterior cleaning company for you and your home

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